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I joined AINA for a year to both implement the mobile cinema network and productions and develop the video production studio.

Founded in august 2001 by Reza, photo-reporter, and a group of images and media passionate, the non-governmental organisation AINA works towards the development of independent media and cultural projects in places where freedom of expression remains fragile.

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“Cultural programmes should be designed to help cultures to survive within a new political environment ; in the South Sudan, supporting cultural identities means working for peace (…) As a culture is not surviving by itself, it constantly needs opportunities for self-celebration and displaying of skills (…) give the people the feeling of sharing a same identity, enjoying protection and receiving support”. CONRADIN PERNER known as Kwacakworo.

Other than Afghanistan is going through its 30th year of war, Southern Sudan suffered five decades of civil war which devastated not only the country and its people but also eroded and dismantled the social and cultural link between and inside communities in Sudan. … More

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Dungonab, the lagoon rangers

Synopsis. From Red Sea hills to the deep blue, a small group of fishermen are struggling to convert their barracks into an ecolodge. With the support of a South African foundation, they go through a hell of a training to eventually rediscover their land.

Mission. Executive Producer & co-director. From scratch to screen. Co-directing with Thierry Trelluyer. Two stories in a row on the Red Sea coast of Sudan. Amazing spot : manta rays, red sea hills, desert islands, coral reefs. Filming preparation and shooting. Underwater camera.

Outcomes. 2008. 13 mns. France 3-Thalassa/France O/Planète Thalassa/Bonne Compagnie.

Insight. Spent a week at NGO base station in the middle of nowhere. Go to Dungonab ! African Parks. Ask for Rami.