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North Korea, the other side of a world

Synopsis. Stuck in time, North Korea is a very strange country and an anachronical regime. This last Stalinian bastion is both fascinating and scaring. In this exceptional documentary, the storyline evolves along a thin red line.

In the North, a fantomatic road movie accross North Korea from the capital city Pyongyang to middle age rural provinces. … More

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Qatar, the French Connection

Synopsis. The tiny emirate of Qatar seems to have a fatal attraction for French talents. We follow the day-to-day life of those expatriates who choose to live far away from home in very diverse conditions.

Mission. Line producer.

Outcomes. 2009. 30 mns. M6/Zone Interdite/Ligne de Front.

Insight. Prime-time. 15% market share just behind CSI and Alban actually won the Emiri Cup !