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Featuring ‘Ice Dream, the Iceberg Project’

Release. After more than 2 years on production, from Greenland to Newfounland, Canary islands to Switzerland, Ice Dreams is coming on screen in France and rolling out in Europe end of 2010 / early 2011. Premiering in Paris on December 2010, ‘Ice Dreams’ tells the amazing story of Georges and his team crossing the Atlantic Ocean to catch their dreams of turning iceberg into drinkable water. A great adventure by all means! Production Kwanza / 3DS with the support of France 3. Directed by J-M. Corillion.

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Iceberg, the Incredible Journey

Synopsis. When Prince of Saudia Arabia, Mohamed Faycal Al Saud, meets Polar explorer, Paul-Emile Victor, in the 70s they eventually come up with the idea of transporting icebergs from Antarctica to the Peninsula to turn desert into oasis. 30 years later, with increasing water shortage and crucial need for renewable energy against climate change, a group of Scientists is about to dot it! … More