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Gold Men, the ecoresistants

Synopsis. Since 1990, the Goldman Prize is dedicated to those who fight for the environment. A true “Nobel Prize” which rewards every year six activists from the five continents. A recognition which also demonstrates that every day women and men are under threat for trying to preserve our world. Sébastien VIAUD, a young teacher who initiated the project, travels the world to meet those who risk their life every day to protect their land, including Father Tamayo Cortez for preserving rainforest in Honduras.

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Synopsis. « My name is Mary and I live in Kabul. I was born during the war, and I grew up during the war ». Mary is a beautiful young Afghan woman who wanted to become a doctor. A revealing story covering the deep gender divisions at the heart of Afghan society. The autobiographical story of a young video journalist trained by AINA, who explores the issue of women’s rights while traveling across Afghanistan. … More