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Women Filming Group

Four months after the collapse of the Taliban regime, a handful of women journalists were the first and only voice to speak up for the silenced majority of Afghan women. Now at the forefront of the women’s movement, those brave and brilliant journalists work in Kabul, in Europe or in the US in media or international organisations, and travel the world to tell their stories.

AINA WOMEN’S FILMING GROUP was originally composed of : … More

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Muslim Brothers, the Shariah’s sales rep’

Synopsis. Founded in Egypt in 1928, the muslim borthers organisation has spread in more than 70 countries, including France and England. Its members considers shariah law as the only applicable one. Islamist leaders such as Oussama Ben Laden or Ayman Al Zawahiri seem to follow such doctrine. Although, its official representatives position themselves as moderate and non violent. Welcome into the Muslim Brothers community. From Cairo to London, we discover the origins, fundamentals and practices of those who promote the Shariah law from the very heart of our democracies. … More

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GSPC, the Al Qaida franchise in Maghreb

Synopsis. Terrorist attacks strike again in the heart of Alger. Claimed by the GSPC organization, Al Qaida seems to have now a franchise in North Africa : Al Qaida Maghreb. This organization is willing to expand in all region and beyond. Its objective : recover the islam soil and get rid of westerners by all means.

Mission. Budget, plan, hire, supervise prost-production under ARTE specs.

Outcomes. 2007. 23 mns. ARTE Reportages/Hamsa Press.

Insight. Filming in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan is nothing compared to Algeria..