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“Cultural programmes should be designed to help cultures to survive within a new political environment ; in the South Sudan, supporting cultural identities means working for peace (…) As a culture is not surviving by itself, it constantly needs opportunities for self-celebration and displaying of skills (…) give the people the feeling of sharing a same identity, enjoying protection and receiving support”. CONRADIN PERNER known as Kwacakworo.

Other than Afghanistan is going through its 30th year of war, Southern Sudan suffered five decades of civil war which devastated not only the country and its people but also eroded and dismantled the social and cultural link between and inside communities in Sudan. … More

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Cinema ! Cinema ! Mobile in Afghanistan

In September 2003, after 3 long months of preparation the first permanent educational mobile cinema left the capital city of Kabul to rally the 8 main regions of Afghanistan. 8 cars together with a 32 people crew finally hit the road. What an emotion !

Loaded with audio & video equipment shipped from France and re-designed for the project, 5m x 3m locally made screens, water & fuel tanks, sleeping bags, torch lights and enough money to tour for 3 months. I was one of them.. … More

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Mercenaries Avenue

Synopsis.  John Geddes is one the 50 000 mercenaries or private soldiers who have been contracted by the US Army in Irak or in Afghanistan. A very diverse and erratic but gunpowered army gathering almost 50 different nationalities.

Their mission: to protect businessman, journalists or sensitive location.

Their equipment: desert boots, bulletproof vest, 9mm and Kalachnikov.

Their average payroll: 20 to 30 000 dollars a month.

Their clients: British and American government. … More

Afghanistan Unveiled – DVD edition

JacquetteDVD Synopsis. This DVD edition is a compilation of AINA Women’s Filming  Group training program films, videos and pictures. Funded by UNESCO, it  contains 3 hours of a unique perspective by Afghan women on  Afghanistan. Thanks to the dedication of those fourteen young  professionals, it unveils some of the hope, joy but complexity and fear that  still poison the country. All revenues generated by the DVD donation support AINA continuing activity. Includes : Afghanistan Unveiled,  Shadows, Women in Politics four parts series, shorts and more. … More

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Afghanistan Unveiled

Synopsis. The culmination of a unique training program for Afghan women journalists, this rare and uncompromising film explores the effects of the repressive Taliban regime and U.S. military campaign on the lives of Afghan women and their families. Fourteen young women, several still in their teens, were trained as camera operators and video journalists at the AINA Afghan Media and Culture Center in Kabul, the first female journalists to be trained in that country for more than a decade. … More

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