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Iceberg, the Incredible Journey

Synopsis. When Prince of Saudia Arabia, Mohamed Faycal Al Saud, meets Polar explorer, Paul-Emile Victor, in the 70s they eventually come up with the idea of transporting icebergs from Antarctica to the Peninsula to turn desert into oasis. 30 years later, with increasing water shortage and crucial need for renewable energy against climate change, a group of Scientists is about to dot it! … More

Animation, Social Network & 3D Livecast

COVER_MOFW MuseWorld is a social network dedicated to young audience from 6 to 12 years old. A ‘mini-facebook’ as you could say but not only. This growing international  community has positioned itself on a classy and think forward environment. It develops on-line games and edutainment modules with an impressive quantity of licenses :  books, accessories, toys. … More