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Bin Laden, misfires of a track

Synopsis. In this 50 minutes breathless investigation, both journalists try to comprehend why after years of the most expensive and deadliest world-wide track ever, number 1 public enemy Ossama Bin Laden has still not been found.

From Pakistanese intelligence service to former members of President Karzai Cabinet, from French officials to local comanders, they meet those who witnessed the early phase of the operation in 2001 to uncover the true lies of a track. … More

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Qatar, the French Connection

Synopsis. The tiny emirate of Qatar seems to have a fatal attraction for French talents. We follow the day-to-day life of those expatriates who choose to live far away from home in very diverse conditions.

Mission. Line producer.

Outcomes. 2009. 30 mns. M6/Zone Interdite/Ligne de Front.

Insight. Prime-time. 15% market share just behind CSI and Alban actually won the Emiri Cup !

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GSPC, the Al Qaida franchise in Maghreb

Synopsis. Terrorist attacks strike again in the heart of Alger. Claimed by the GSPC organization, Al Qaida seems to have now a franchise in North Africa : Al Qaida Maghreb. This organization is willing to expand in all region and beyond. Its objective : recover the islam soil and get rid of westerners by all means.

Mission. Budget, plan, hire, supervise prost-production under ARTE specs.

Outcomes. 2007. 23 mns. ARTE Reportages/Hamsa Press.

Insight. Filming in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan is nothing compared to Algeria..

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Afghanistan Unveiled on PBS – Global Voices Series

« Afghanistan Unveiled makes viewers realize how objectivity keeps those of us living comfortably in the West ignorant of real suffering, and therefore free of any sense of responsibility.”  The Austin Chronicle.

« …absorbing… remarkable, gripping documentary…” Ottawa Citizen.
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On shoot

Back from a week of intense filming in Canary Islands on the track of « Iceberg, the Incredible Journey ». Water issue, renewable energy and great people. An adventure!

Next shots Britany, South West of France or else ….

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