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Los travestis tambien lloran

Synopsis. « Everybody cries – the rich, the poor, men and women, and travestites. Travestites cry too. Only they cry more than others ». Romina.

Director Sebastiano d’Ayala Valva spent over two years with the characters to witness the reality and the lives of these so-called “she-males” – people we know so little about. « Geographically, their world is so close but at the same time so far-off from the life of the average person, even in the inner city. What I discovered were individuals whose daily lives and difficulties made up a series of stories that just needed to be told”. » … More

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“Cultural programmes should be designed to help cultures to survive within a new political environment ; in the South Sudan, supporting cultural identities means working for peace (…) As a culture is not surviving by itself, it constantly needs opportunities for self-celebration and displaying of skills (…) give the people the feeling of sharing a same identity, enjoying protection and receiving support”. CONRADIN PERNER known as Kwacakworo.

Other than Afghanistan is going through its 30th year of war, Southern Sudan suffered five decades of civil war which devastated not only the country and its people but also eroded and dismantled the social and cultural link between and inside communities in Sudan. … More

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Cinema ! Cinema ! Mobile in Afghanistan

In September 2003, after 3 long months of preparation the first permanent educational mobile cinema left the capital city of Kabul to rally the 8 main regions of Afghanistan. 8 cars together with a 32 people crew finally hit the road. What an emotion !

Loaded with audio & video equipment shipped from France and re-designed for the project, 5m x 3m locally made screens, water & fuel tanks, sleeping bags, torch lights and enough money to tour for 3 months. I was one of them.. … More

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Women Filming Group

Four months after the collapse of the Taliban regime, a handful of women journalists were the first and only voice to speak up for the silenced majority of Afghan women. Now at the forefront of the women’s movement, those brave and brilliant journalists work in Kabul, in Europe or in the US in media or international organisations, and travel the world to tell their stories.

AINA WOMEN’S FILMING GROUP was originally composed of : … More

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Synopsis. An in depth journey into the very heart of Euskadi. A long lasting battle zone where local language is key to understand the culture and tradition of one of the oldest population of the European continent.

Mission. Executive Producer : budget, plan, co-production deal and fundraising, back-office during shooting in Basque Country, support to distribution and public screenings.

Outcomes. 2006. 52 mns. Voyages/Public Sénat/Région Aquitaines/Kanari Films/Aldudarrak Video.

WWDistribution. LUKARN.

Insight. Some producers never phone their crew while on shooting, most have to.

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