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Synopsis. An in depth journey into the origins of Largo Winch, Philippe Franck and Jean Van Hamme highly successful character. From the first line of the scenario to the mega print machines, we discover the full cycle of a comics creation. A two years of intimate work, from Brussels to Marseille and Hong-Kong to St Tropez, to witness how those two creators merge into one creature.

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Gold Men, the ecoresistants

Synopsis. Since 1990, the Goldman Prize is dedicated to those who fight for the environment. A true “Nobel Prize” which rewards every year six activists from the five continents. A recognition which also demonstrates that every day women and men are under threat for trying to preserve our world. Sébastien VIAUD, a young teacher who initiated the project, travels the world to meet those who risk their life every day to protect their land, including Father Tamayo Cortez for preserving rainforest in Honduras.

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Iceberg, the Incredible Journey

Synopsis. When Prince of Saudia Arabia, Mohamed Faycal Al Saud, meets Polar explorer, Paul-Emile Victor, in the 70s they eventually come up with the idea of transporting icebergs from Antarctica to the Peninsula to turn desert into oasis. 30 years later, with increasing water shortage and crucial need for renewable energy against climate change, a group of Scientists is about to dot it! … More


with a huge appetite for writting, an obsession for cutting, underlining, pasting and classifying press articles, headlines, photos, quotes and news that could one day become the missing plot.

Being under development projects, work-in-progress scripts, cross-media projects, social tv, content based Apps or community based programs, this category is the ENGINE OF OUR DRUM. This is where contacts and connections are made giving birth to new ideas.

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Outdoor slideshows are not new to performers, artists and photographers but it can be improved to reach a fusion state where performance becomes a new media. In full harmony with the photographic artworks, it merges various forms of expression: video & cinema, music & sound, installation & performance. The objective is to experiment and bring the best of each field to celebrate major events.

LOUIS VUITTON’S cup opening ceremony. … More

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