Iceberg, the Incredible iDay

TheSceneFeb. 13 will stay in our memories as the iDAY. Amazing cast, fantastic crew, long hours and an experience to live in 3D as well as in reality. Final wrap tomorrow for a key scene of ‘Iceberg, the Incredible Journey’.

COMING SOON on FRENCH NATIONAL TELEVISION prime-time and 20 others European & North American networks. Fall 2010. France 3 /Kwanza/Dassault Systemes.

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NATGEO All Roads Film Project selects ‘SHADOWS’

We are very proud to announce for this NEW YEAR that one of our supported film ‘Shadows’ has been selected for screenings at ALL ROADS FILM PROJECT.

The All Roads Film Project is a National Geographic program dedicated to providing a platform for indigenous and underrepresented minority-culture storytellers around the world to showcase their works to promote knowledge, dialogue, and understanding with a broader, global audience.

Link to ALL ROADS EVENT SHADOWS in presence of Mary AYUBI. Reach the film preview.

Is Gaming the future of Film or Film the future of Gaming?

Some of you might remember « le Prix du danger » – « The Prize of Peril » – based on a novel by Robert Sheckley and co-starring Gérard LANVIN and Michel PICCOLI in its 1983 Yves Boisset adaptation.

Synopsis. In a very near future, François Jacquemard agrees to participate to a reality show based on a real man hunt. Live on CTV, he is chased down by gangland killers and has to rally a secret place if he wants to survive. Progressively, the audience take side for François. As he becomes the hero of the show the host decides to change the rules to captivate more audience.

Film_GameAt the age of Survivor and The Amazing Race and Fear Factor, Sheckley’s preposterous exaggeration seems like cool prescience. « The Prize of Peril » has it all-—the unctuous TV host, the real-life contestant chosen because he’s handsome and not too smart, the engaged and participating audience, the vicarious thrills edging toward obscenity. A populace glued to their televisions whose dazzlement by the celebrity culture is so complete that the chance to be famous is worth any risk.

Imagine. Could such a game scenario based on reality happen tomorrow where avatars from around the world would combat to be the one to pay or gain « The Prize of Peril » — in a virtual but live televised reality.

This chart invite us to think forward the relationships between film and gaming, experience and technology, interaction and action, for the best and the worst of entertainment.

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LARGO – New Teaser

Synopsis. An in depth journey into the origins of Largo Winch, Philippe Franck and Jean Van Hamme highly successful character. From the first line of the scenario to the mega print machines, we discover the full cycle of a comics creation. A two years of intimate work, from Brussels to Marseille and Hong-Kong to St Tropez, to witness how those two creators merge into one creature.

Available on iTunes Store/Largo. 2008. 52 mns. Public Sénat/Kanari Films. Exclusive Comics+DVD edition including ex-libris available @


with a network of digital and traditional sales agents for broadcasting rights, a passion for making the connections and a vision for what will work.

Lavomatik is encouraging DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION with key partners such as iTunes. With a view to support INDEPENDANT documentary films distribution and production.

Lavomatik has selected key sales agents masterminding their territories and catalogue to market its licenses in the UK, Asia Pacific and North America. … More

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