NepasEssorerTransSmallLavomatik® four main areas of expertise are :

Executive Producing & Directing with hands-on experience in research and develoment, substantial sweat in complex projects deployment and thirst for this very special moment when pitch comes to screen.

Licensing with a network of digital and traditional sales agents, a passion for making the connections and a vision for what will work.

Sharing with the experience of managing thirty former Afghan cinematographers while deploying a mobile cinema network accross the country and the support of international organization such as UNESCO.

Sourcing with a huge appetite for writting, an obsession for cutting, underlining, pasting and classifying press articles, headlines, blogs, photos, quotes or anything that could one day be the missing plot.

Not only focusing on the development of in-house projects, Lavomatik® also provides consulting services to other companies.

Concerned by building capacity for beneficiaries to feature their own world, Lavomatik®, in collaboration with UNESCO, participates to media training.

With a strong background in project management and a master degree in Media Marketing & Distribution at Institut National de l’Audiovisuel / Paris I-Sorbonne, Nicolas Delloye also freelances on various productions as Assistant Director, Line and Executive Producer.

Taking advantage of the increasing number of screens while considering the growing amount of content, Lavomatik® helps designing social media and interactive campaigns in order to foster audience and enrich the user experience.

Always remembering : preserve the idea to develop the property !