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Synopsis. An in depth journey into the very heart of Euskadi. A long lasting battle zone where local language is key to understand the culture and tradition of one of the oldest population of the European continent.

Mission. Executive Producer : budget, plan, co-production deal and fundraising, back-office during shooting in Basque Country, support to distribution and public screenings.

Outcomes. 2006. 52 mns. Voyages/Public Sénat/Région Aquitaines/Kanari Films/Aldudarrak Video.

WWDistribution. LUKARN.

Insight. Some producers never phone their crew while on shooting, most have to.

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North Korea, the other side of a world

Synopsis. Stuck in time, North Korea is a very strange country and an anachronical regime. This last Stalinian bastion is both fascinating and scaring. In this exceptional documentary, the storyline evolves along a thin red line.

In the North, a fantomatic road movie accross North Korea from the capital city Pyongyang to middle age rural provinces. … More

Afghanistan Unveiled – DVD edition

JacquetteDVD Synopsis. This DVD edition is a compilation of AINA Women’s Filming  Group training program films, videos and pictures. Funded by UNESCO, it  contains 3 hours of a unique perspective by Afghan women on  Afghanistan. Thanks to the dedication of those fourteen young  professionals, it unveils some of the hope, joy but complexity and fear that  still poison the country. All revenues generated by the DVD donation support AINA continuing activity. Includes : Afghanistan Unveiled,  Shadows, Women in Politics four parts series, shorts and more. … More

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Kabul Football Club

Synopsis. In 1980, the whole Afghan National Football team, leaded by their captain ALI ASKAR LALI, seeked for asylum once landed in Germany on their way to Moscow Olympics. This act is considered as the first symbolic victory over the invader, not to say the first success in the entire Afghan Football History.

For 25 years, they take refuge in Paderborn, a small town in Dortmund surroundings where they progressively settle and form a community as well as playing for the local football team. Key actor of the 1980 desertion and football legend in his country for having scored a winning goal against Pakistan in 1976, ALI ASKAR LALI decides to return to Kabul to reform the national football team. … More

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Synopsis. « My name is Mary and I live in Kabul. I was born during the war, and I grew up during the war ». Mary is a beautiful young Afghan woman who wanted to become a doctor. A revealing story covering the deep gender divisions at the heart of Afghan society. The autobiographical story of a young video journalist trained by AINA, who explores the issue of women’s rights while traveling across Afghanistan. … More

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