with a network of digital and traditional sales agents for broadcasting rights, a passion for making the connections and a vision for what will work.

Lavomatik is encouraging DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION with key partners such as iTunes. With a view to support INDEPENDANT documentary films distribution and production.

Lavomatik has selected key sales agents masterminding their territories and catalogue to market its licenses in the UK, Asia Pacific and North America. … More

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Synopsis. An in depth journey into the origins of Largo Winch, Philippe Franck and Jean Van Hamme highly successful character. From the first line of the scenario to the mega print machines, we discover the full cycle of a comics creation. A two years of intimate work, from Brussels to Marseille and Hong-Kong to St Tropez, to witness how those two creators merge into one creature.

… More

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Gold Men, the ecoresistants

Synopsis. Since 1990, the Goldman Prize is dedicated to those who fight for the environment. A true “Nobel Prize” which rewards every year six activists from the five continents. A recognition which also demonstrates that every day women and men are under threat for trying to preserve our world. Sébastien VIAUD, a young teacher who initiated the project, travels the world to meet those who risk their life every day to protect their land, including Father Tamayo Cortez for preserving rainforest in Honduras.

… More

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Petite Machine – Official Soundtrack

Synopsis. Lavomatik soundtrack of selected and preferred artists. In association with Divibes, we designed and edited this playlist to be mailed to all clients and contacts including a company profile. A great tool to share more than projects but … music!

Includes. Kashmir #1 Danish rockband with amazing titles such as ‘Rocket Brothers’ also featured  in ‘Kabul Football Club’. Jamie Cullum ‘Falling’ and ‘Pollen k’ by Lotus – a band I managed some years ago now.

Mission. Executive Producer & Art Director. … More

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Los travestis tambien lloran

Synopsis. « Everybody cries – the rich, the poor, men and women, and travestites. Travestites cry too. Only they cry more than others ». Romina.

Director Sebastiano d’Ayala Valva spent over two years with the characters to witness the reality and the lives of these so-called “she-males” – people we know so little about. « Geographically, their world is so close but at the same time so far-off from the life of the average person, even in the inner city. What I discovered were individuals whose daily lives and difficulties made up a series of stories that just needed to be told”. » … More

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