with a huge appetite for writting, an obsession for cutting, underlining, pasting and classifying press articles, headlines, photos, quotes and news that could one day become the missing plot.

Being under development projects, work-in-progress scripts, cross-media projects, social tv, content based Apps or community based programs, this category is the ENGINE OF OUR DRUM. This is where contacts and connections are made giving birth to new ideas.

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Outdoor slideshows are not new to performers, artists and photographers but it can be improved to reach a fusion state where performance becomes a new media. In full harmony with the photographic artworks, it merges various forms of expression: video & cinema, music & sound, installation & performance. The objective is to experiment and bring the best of each field to celebrate major events.

LOUIS VUITTON’S cup opening ceremony. … More

Webdocs & Rich Content

Montage_Mur In constant development and search for news forms of expression, Lavomatik is  developing new series of web based programme. MUR(S), ELLE(S), CARNET(S)  D’ORIENT and HERITAGE(S) will have built-in internet interface and storylines. The objective is not to do the traditional ‘making-off’ or ‘more infos’ kind of program related website but to inititate and expand the tv show experience from the web. It will feature rich content, interactive livecast and community based  program. … More

Animation, Social Network & 3D Livecast

COVER_MOFW MuseWorld is a social network dedicated to young audience from 6 to 12 years old. A ‘mini-facebook’ as you could say but not only. This growing international  community has positioned itself on a classy and think forward environment. It develops on-line games and edutainment modules with an impressive quantity of licenses :  books, accessories, toys. … More