LavagemainTransSmallNicolas DELLOYE started his career in the media industry as executive producer and head of development at AINAWORLD, the French media NGO, who settled in the heart of Kabul to train the first ever Afghan women journalists. He then collaborated to several documentaries and news report produced locally and shown internationally. In 2005, ‘Afghanistan Unveiled’, a 52 minutes documentary, broadcasted nationwide on PBS, received an Emmy Award nomination for Best Documentary.

When returning to France, he initiated Lavomatik®.

Based in Paris,  Lavomatik® specializes in the development and production of multi-platforms non-fiction programmes. Fostering talents from various fields, it focuses on characters driven stories. We aim at telling stories to inform, entertain and decode our fast changing world. Rather than spotting at our differences, we try to build up bridges to engage audience.

“People make Stories” is our mantra attached to an endless curiosity for new forms of expression. We believe in the power of commitment and community to make a difference.

Prior to creating Lavomatik®, Nicolas Delloye filled various executive positions at senior level as business development and program manager for a major IT company. From London to Sydney, he toped as risk assessment officer for the South East Asia region mitigating hazards for the implementation of multimillion dollar mobile carrier networks.