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Montage_Mur In constant development and search for news forms of expression, Lavomatik is  developing new series of web based programme. MUR(S), ELLE(S), CARNET(S)  D’ORIENT and HERITAGE(S) will have built-in internet interface and storylines. The objective is not to do the traditional ‘making-off’ or ‘more infos’ kind of program related website but to inititate and expand the tv show experience from the web. It will feature rich content, interactive livecast and community based  program.

  • MUR(S) the one we know, the one we feel and the one we build with a view to feature each face of a common reality.
  • ELLE(S) portrays women who are making a real change in their community and beyond.
  • CARNET(S) D’ORIENT is an interactive roadmovie in the footsteps of Middle-East and Silk Roads pioneers.
  • HERITAGE(S) explores the family trees of those who perished without a descendant. Could you find the missing cell of those dynasties DNA ?


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