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Outdoor slideshows are not new to performers, artists and photographers but it can be improved to reach a fusion state where performance becomes a new media. In full harmony with the photographic artworks, it merges various forms of expression: video & cinema, music & sound, installation & performance. The objective is to experiment and bring the best of each field to celebrate major events.

LOUIS VUITTON’S cup opening ceremony. In September 2004, for the opening of Louis Vuitton regatas, Guillaume PLISSON released a 20 minutes audiovisual performance on America’s Cup History at its best. Mixing Photography, sound effects and a smashing soundtrack it brought to life a new form of expression in photography which moved an exceptional audience.

QM2 : the rebirth of a legend. In 2005, the team decided to go further and developed, based on Guillaume’s two years work on Queen Mary 2 shipyard, an original essay which shows new artistic directions. Following the full construction process, the intention is to create a stand-alone story with its own stake, challenge and timeline but linked to the main opening event. It is designed as a unique experience to remember and a performance to build a community around the project.

Ponts de la Seine

La Seine. © G. Plisson

New projectsNicolas Delloye & Guillaume Plisson have now long term collaboration in the development of CineFix projects. Their new project focus on urbanity and feature the vision and experience we have of our modern cities. Contrasting with busy streets, high speed way of life and loaded traffic avenues, they propose to elevate to reach a new state-of-mind : ESPACE LIBRE.

They are also pursuing development projects with Louis Vuitton World Series and corporate communication.


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