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I joined AINA for a year to both implement the mobile cinema network and productions and develop the video production studio.

Founded in august 2001 by Reza, photo-reporter, and a group of images and media passionate, the non-governmental organisation AINA works towards the development of independent media and cultural projects in places where freedom of expression remains fragile.

Aina operated for almost 5 years from its media center in the very heart of Kabul and established upto eight media and culture centres in key Afghan cities. In the context of the progressive establishing of a democratic process and the reconstruction of the civil society, AINA had settled in Afghanistan with far-reaching projects throughout the whole country including:

  • supporting the country’s major press publications
  • a video production and training unit
  • a mobile educative cinema in the whole country
  • the only Afghan photo-journalism school
  • the first Afghan women’s radio station
  • the first humanitarian communication agency

Contact. AINA 122 rue Haxo, 75 019 Paris – France. Tel +33 1 42 03 64 23. communication@ainaworld.org


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