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North Korea, the other side of a world

Synopsis. Stuck in time, North Korea is a very strange country and an anachronical regime. This last Stalinian bastion is both fascinating and scaring. In this exceptional documentary, the storyline evolves along a thin red line.

In the North, a fantomatic road movie accross North Korea from the capital city Pyongyang to middle age rural provinces.

In the South, on the other side of a heavily guarded no man’s land boarder, a refugee Ms Kim tries to cope with her new life. We follow her daily routine as she tries to comprehend this new modern world. She tells us about the Northern disctatorial regime, how she escapes and her hope to one day unify again with her family living on the other side of the world.  

Mission. World-wide distribution.

Outcomes. 2007. 52 mns. M6/TV5/Nomad Films/Hikari.

Insight. Another break in the Wall ?


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