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Dungonab, the lagoon rangers

Synopsis. From Red Sea hills to the deep blue, a small group of fishermen are struggling to convert their barracks into an ecolodge. With the support of a South African foundation, they go through a hell of a training to eventually rediscover their land.

Mission. Executive Producer & co-director. From scratch to screen. Co-directing with Thierry Trelluyer. Two stories in a row on the Red Sea coast of Sudan. Amazing spot : manta rays, red sea hills, desert islands, coral reefs. Filming preparation and shooting. Underwater camera.

Outcomes. 2008. 13 mns. France 3-Thalassa/France O/Planète Thalassa/Bonne Compagnie.

Insight. Spent a week at NGO base station in the middle of nowhere. Go to Dungonab ! African Parks. Ask for Rami.


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