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A through M

Synopsis. A Resistance member returns home to learn that the man she once loved now works for the government she is committed to overthrowing. Both are arrested and the only way out for them is cooperation or death. Set in an imaginary time and place, it is inspired by the real events of 9/11 and shows the world we create when we respond with fear and force to an enemy.

Mission. Production coordinator & Assistant Producer for the American Film Institute. Planning, call-sheets, inventory, dispatch, insurance etc.

Outcomes. 2005. 27 mns. AFI/DWW.

Insight. Hollywood hills first time experience. 30 people crew. Three loaded trucks, long working hours and a lot of garbage to evacuate. Will always remember last scene downtown L.A. 15th floor while Black Eyed Peas were doing rehearsals groundfoor.

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More. Directing Workshop for Women (DWW) has been a major force in training women in    narrative filmmaking since 1974. Over 200 women have been given the opportunity to participate in this innovative and unique training program for tomorrow’s directors. Each year 8 women of diverse  professional backgrounds are chosen to participate, selected from hundreds of applicants. These  women have the opportunity to direct a short film that will aid in their transition to directing feature  film and television.

Some DWW alumnae include Lesli Linka Glatter (GREY’S ANATOMY, NUMB3RS, THE O.C.); Randa Haines (CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD, DANCE WITH ME); Victoria Hochberg (SEX AND THE CITY, ALLY MCBEAL); Neema Barnette (CIVIL BRAND, 7TH HEAVEN); Nancy Malone (JUDGING AMY, DAWSON’S CREEK); Maya Angelou (DOWN IN THE DELTA); Yelena Lanskaya (HIDDEN PLACES and THE COLT for Hallmark Channel); Tricia Brock (THE L WORD); and Kelly Martin (MYSTERY WOMAN for Hallmark Channel).


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