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Suakin, the pearl of the Red Sea

Synopsis. Michael Mallinson is a British distinguished architect. But when it comes to Suakin, the pearl of the Red Sea coast of Sudan, he turns into the most passionate archeologist. After almost a thousand years of myths and legends, the Coral City island of Suakin is about to perish.

Mission. Executive Producer & co-director. From scratch to screen. Co-directing with Thierry Trelluyer this half an hour piece for a primetime French discovery type magazine on air for 20 years. Filming preparation and shooting on the Red Sea coast of Sudan for three long weeks. Hopefully, the 1st part of a series on the lost coral ports of the Red Sea.

Outcomes. 2008. 26 mns. France 3-Thalassa/France O/Planète Thalassa/Bonne Compagnie. Thalassa DVD edition under preparation.

Insight. Landed at night on a Bin Laden sponsored airfield. Welcomed by Captain Halim to reach mosquito infested baracks while my girl was 8 months pregnant. Loved it and hated it ! Thanks Halim. Thanks David. Thanks Michael..


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