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Kabul Football Club

Synopsis. In 1980, the whole Afghan National Football team, leaded by their captain ALI ASKAR LALI, seeked for asylum once landed in Germany on their way to Moscow Olympics. This act is considered as the first symbolic victory over the invader, not to say the first success in the entire Afghan Football History.

For 25 years, they take refuge in Paderborn, a small town in Dortmund surroundings where they progressively settle and form a community as well as playing for the local football team. Key actor of the 1980 desertion and football legend in his country for having scored a winning goal against Pakistan in 1976, ALI ASKAR LALI decides to return to Kabul to reform the national football team. Overcoming material difficulties, he starts selecting young and unexperimented players who only knew war and displacement. In a desperate countdown, Lali and the team has to cope with the difficult Afghan reconstruction to get ready for a crucial and symbolic game of return : Afghanistan vs Pakistan

Mission. Executive Producer & Co-Director.

Outcomes. 2006. 52 mns. Bonne Pioche/France 5 with « L’Equipe Magazine » billboard and cover up at 400.000 ex.

Insight. Yes, the helicopter landing on the football pitch is part of G.W. Bush special convoy. He was re-opening the US Embassy that very same day !


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