Afghanistan Unveiled – DVD edition

JacquetteDVD Synopsis. This DVD edition is a compilation of AINA Women’s Filming  Group training program films, videos and pictures. Funded by UNESCO, it  contains 3 hours of a unique perspective by Afghan women on  Afghanistan. Thanks to the dedication of those fourteen young  professionals, it unveils some of the hope, joy but complexity and fear that  still poison the country. All revenues generated by the DVD donation support AINA continuing activity. Includes : Afghanistan Unveiled,  Shadows, Women in Politics four parts series, shorts and more.

Mission. Executive Producer & Art Director.

Outcomes. 2005 & 07. 5000 ex. UNESCO/100Cibles/AINA.

Reviews. “This is not an outsider’s point of view. « Afghanistan Unveiled » « is the only film I’ve seen that has been done by women who lived through the Taliban, who have turned their lives around by a project they share. You experience it with them. The tone is very inviting. It’s not a Western journalist going into the provinces to talk to the poor, downtrodden women of Afghanistan. » Pat Mitchell, CEO of PBS.

“This is their story. In this way we discover another Afghanistan, seen through women’s eyes, from a point of view of the world that has been hidden away for many years”. REZA, President & Founder of AINA.

« The main aim of this film hence is to support the Afghan women to participate fully as media professionals alongside their male colleagues. » Abdul W. Khan. UNESCO Assistant Director-General, Sector of Communication and Information.

Insight. DVD is a complex challenge. You have to package and still keep the best beneath the menu.


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