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Synopsis. « My name is Mary and I live in Kabul. I was born during the war, and I grew up during the war ». Mary is a beautiful young Afghan woman who wanted to become a doctor. A revealing story covering the deep gender divisions at the heart of Afghan society. The autobiographical story of a young video journalist trained by AINA, who explores the issue of women’s rights while traveling across Afghanistan.

Mission. Head of Production & Distribution at AINAWORLD during production. Sales & Festivals.

Outcomes. 2005. 52 mns. France 5/CFI/TV5. Selection in more than 20 festivals.

Reviews. “Mary’s journey gives impressionist inside eye on Afghan Women’s condition (…) The personal treatment, with Mary’s diary as narration, brings strong empathy. (…) ». Samuel Gontier – Telerama.

“Cinematography is sober, beautiful and highly moving, full of fear and resignation (…). Between few fantomatic burqas and girls covered with veil very little accept to talk in front of the camera (…). More than a sociological analysis (Shadows) is a rich impressionist painting of Afghan women daily lives (…) Beyong the reality of the portraits, where lifes looks like death, Mary shows the huge gap between educated women and the reality of a world built-in with ignorance and archaic discrimination. Emancipation of Afghan women is a long way ahead”. Véronique Boulinguez – Le Figaro.

Insight. Mary’s first directed documentary. Since the film was shown on Afghan television without the consent of AINA or the filmmakers, she has received death threats and can no longer safely live and work in her country. After Reporters Without Borders alerted Villa Aurora about her situation she was awarded the 2007 Feuchtwanger Fellowship at villa-aurora.org. She now lives and works in Los Angeles.

Link. Journeyman Pictures.

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