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Afghanistan Unveiled

Synopsis. The culmination of a unique training program for Afghan women journalists, this rare and uncompromising film explores the effects of the repressive Taliban regime and U.S. military campaign on the lives of Afghan women and their families. Fourteen young women, several still in their teens, were trained as camera operators and video journalists at the AINA Afghan Media and Culture Center in Kabul, the first female journalists to be trained in that country for more than a decade. None of the trainees had ever before traveled outside Kabul, and except for one, none had been able to study or pursue careers while the Taliban controlled their country. Traveling to rural regions outside of Kabul, the filmmakers capture heartbreaking footage of Hazar women and children who have been forced to live in caves with little food and no water or electricity, left to fend for themselves as the rest of the country rebuilds. Despite the widespread suffering they encounter, the journalists also manage to find moving examples of hope for Afghanistan’s future, and emerge form the experience committed to revealing these stories of suffering and hope to the world. A poetic journey of selfdiscovery, Afghanistan Unveiled is a profound reminder of independent media’s power to bear witness.

Mission. Head of Production & Distribution at AINAWORLD during production. Sales & Festivals.

Outcomes. 2004. 52 mns. PBS/ITVS/National Geographic International Channels. Selection in more than 20 festivals.

Festivals. !f Istambul Independant Film Festival, Baltimore Film Festival (USA), Berlin Film Festival, Tampere International Film Festival (Finland), Mill Valley Film Festival (USA), Festival International de Films de Femmes in Creteil (France), Femme Totale International Film Festival in Dortmund (Germany), Cph:dox. Copenhagen International Documentary Festival – 2003 and multiple public screenings in Europe, Asia and in the US.

Reviews. « A moving, insightful and powerful testament to the use of film. The training in photojournalism of a group of young women in Afghanistan, and the resulting film allow us to witness the beginnings of the re-enfranchisement of Afghani women and the reinstatement of their voices. » Zoe Elton, Director of Programming – Mill Valley Film Festival.

« The film, crisply edited, is a sort of road movie that paints a collective portrait of the women of Afghanistan. » Nancy RAMSEY – The New-York Times.

Link. PBS – Global Voices.


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